NOMA & Dooky Chase Summer 2012

IMG_7601Jaylen trying out acting with Ms. K. and Mr. Hawkins.
IMG_4200 IMG_7599DB48E8AA-BB24-496C-81FD-21868175FD36

E803D852-74C9-4807-8B41-B15E5144341D at noma 24088DE79-96C1-4FCC-9A44-87C9C08C37D1

427029EB-B012-4384-A6C4-23640F5C229C 766A1D48-F339-4FE0-9A90-7DE4C94380E7 998C1921-5A19-46C1-A85C-C217EF385366a toast with mr pate 271A817E-D3DD-4283-BD35-3755D2BA1E6D 77E07361-D48B-4BE9-BC7A-FBB6B7E4FF96 57A4A6A6-5B1F-4F98-8F05-BBF6D80EE1D5 71C458DC-717C-42AC-9406-F607F8A11AD2 51C1FAEC-7CFC-4C0F-94CD-63E8CA6A9521 9A48F6E0-815C-446E-B9B6-A868CC0FBEB6

4EAC2283-CC53-425B-BF08-5CD6CE7025B4 04A986AE-71F3-4E35-B286-C0253906910F


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