LOOP Monday with Mr. Pate, Mrs. Polk-Vincent, and Mrs. Stewart

“I learned how to canoe and have team work.” – TJ

“I thought it was interesting to try something new. That was my first time in a canoe or any type of boat, so I was nervous in the beginning. Once I got off land and into the water it was actually quite relaxing, (even) though there were spiders in the canoe and I almost freaked. That group activity was interesting but I still didn’t (and don’t) remember everyone’s names. Even though it was hot, humid and I was sweating buckshots, I still enjoyed the experience.” – B. Smith

“It was a very nice experience for us. Most of us learned to use teamwork. We also had a lot of fun in a short period of time.”-AJ

“My loop experience was wonderful! We learned each others names and learned teamwork as well! I got in touch with nature and really liked the canoes and the instructors were very friendly.” -BC

The loop experience was fun even though it was very hot and stinky! I learned how to communicate with others.” -LG
“My experience at loop was great except I almost died (not really). Other than that, it was a very wonderful experience.” -AW 
“The field trip was okay….It was hot but it was fun, i enjoyed myself.” -AS  
“Today was really fun, and also hot. I enjoyed my self a lot, mostly because it was a new experience for me. It was scary, because the boat kept rocking. I look forward of doing it again. The (staff) was friendly, and helpful. The games were pretty fun as well. I actually (had to) over come my fear (of water).” SG
Thanks for all your responses! More will be posted later when more pictures are added.
-Mr. Pate

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