Flashback Friday

Last summer was….


UNO TRiO Visits Southern University BR and University of Louisiana at Lafayette College Tours Summer 2014

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I hope all of you enjoyed this trip and learned some valuable things about college life and requirements. Mr. D. Pate and Ms. B. Williams



LOOP Monday with Mr. Pate, Mrs. Polk-Vincent, and Mrs. Stewart

“I learned how to canoe and have team work.” – TJ

“I thought it was interesting to try something new. That was my first time in a canoe or any type of boat, so I was nervous in the beginning. Once I got off land and into the water it was actually quite relaxing, (even) though there were spiders in the canoe and I almost freaked. That group activity was interesting but I still didn’t (and don’t) remember everyone’s names. Even though it was hot, humid and I was sweating buckshots, I still enjoyed the experience.” – B. Smith

“It was a very nice experience for us. Most of us learned to use teamwork. We also had a lot of fun in a short period of time.”-AJ

“My loop experience was wonderful! We learned each others names and learned teamwork as well! I got in touch with nature and really liked the canoes and the instructors were very friendly.” -BC

The loop experience was fun even though it was very hot and stinky! I learned how to communicate with others.” -LG
“My experience at loop was great except I almost died (not really). Other than that, it was a very wonderful experience.” -AW 
“The field trip was okay….It was hot but it was fun, i enjoyed myself.” -AS  
“Today was really fun, and also hot. I enjoyed my self a lot, mostly because it was a new experience for me. It was scary, because the boat kept rocking. I look forward of doing it again. The (staff) was friendly, and helpful. The games were pretty fun as well. I actually (had to) over come my fear (of water).” SG
Thanks for all your responses! More will be posted later when more pictures are added.
-Mr. Pate

Summer 2014 – Week One

Project PASS and Jefferson Upward Bound welcomed our students for a successful and fun first week of the summer program-

Connections- How many NEW people did you meet?

How many stamps did you earn on your passport?


NEXT WEEK: Culture!

We will visit the Backstreet Cultural Museum and have lunch at the Golden Feather to celebrate one aspect of the unique culture of our city.