Location and Directions

Bicentennial Educational Building
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Directions to Education Building

Our building is located on Founder’s Road, which is the entrance to UNO near Robert E. Lee Blvd.

If you are coming from Elysian Fields-

  • Head towards the lake on Elysian Fields.
  • Turn left on Leon C. Simon.
  • Continue through the next light at St. Anthony ( Ben Franklin High School is on your right)
  • At the next stoplight – turn RIGHT onto UNO’s campus. The sign at the light says Waldo, and then the street is called Founder’s Road.
  • Continue ahead- on your right you will see 2 smaller parking lots
  • The large gray and red brick building to the right has big blue signs on the front –    Education and Human Development

You may park across the street in the larger parking lot.

 If you are coming from Paris or St. Bernard Avenue

  • Head towards the lake until you reach Robert E Lee.
  • Turn right , then get in the left lane when you pass Paris Avenue.
  • Follow the turn and you will be on Leon C. Simon.
  • Stay in the left lane, turn left at the fist light.
  • Enter UNO’s campus and follow the directions for parking.



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