House of Blues – Incredible Opportunity!

Are you a musical performer? Member of a band?

Our good friends at House of Blues announce the BDTH  Music Workshop competition!


 For full details, please

Apply January 8th through February 11th

BDTH 2018 Flyer

Saturday April 22 @ Maker Faire !

Look here for more information:  Mini Maker Faire

Buses will pick up later than usual, go straight to Delgado, depart for home at 2PM.

Wear an Upward Bound T-Shirt and NO SANDALS!  There are stinging caterpillars all over the city 😦

Bring a few dollars for lunch from the Food Trucks – we will NOT be going back to UNO for lunch-



Special Event- April 22- Mini Maker Faire

Mini Maker Faire video     See what it’s all about!

April 22- New Orleans Maker Faire at Delgado. 10AM t0 2Pm

New Orleans Maker Faire 2017

Robots, Forensic Science, build a smartphone, make a musical instrument, special effects and prop design for movies- it’s all here for you to explore.

Buses will pick up students at home and take them to Delgado- food trucks will be on hand, so bring a few dollars for lunch. Buses will bring kids home from Delgado at 2Pm.

Questions about any of these special events? Call Ms. Molnar at 504-280-1262.

Saturday Arts Electives

For three Saturdays in March (5, 12, 19) we will have an arts’ elective group for 90 minutes each day. You can choose from the following options- but you can only choose ONE. We will probably repeat these during the summer, and add new ones. All supplies provided- just bring your ideas and creativity- we will help you do the rest-

Custom Graffiti Caps-Create you personal statement by designing and decorating a plain baseball cap into a social, political or fashion statement.

Vision Boards and Scrapbooks- Preserve your memories and create your vision for your future using mixed media and scrapbooking tools, paints, and more.  Bring your photos, or we can try to print them out if they are all on your phone!

Canvas Painting- on a 12×24″ canvas, draw,paint or used mixed media to create your own personal artwork.

Beading and Beadwork- create your own Mardi Gras bead emblem with Mr. Pate


Using Sharpies and your imagination-

Using Sharpies and your imagination-

draw, paint and sculpt on canvas

design and create your own Mardi Gras emblem

design and create your own Mardi Gras emblem

create a mulitmedia vision board for your dreams

create a mulitmedia vision board for your dreams