Introducing a new partnership with Everfi


Hello Wonderful, Lovely Terrific Jefferson Parish and Orleans Parish UNO Upward Bound Kiddos!

During your school time with Mr. Pate and Ms. Litchfield, you might have been introduced to a fun program called “Everfi”.

Everfi is an online financial everfi4literacy tutorial/game that covers banking, saving, student loans, interest rates, mortgages and a whole lot more that we all need some help with, and it is cool for you guys. (Everfi Financial Literacy Narrated Demo)

When you complete all the Everfi modules, you will earn an Everfi certificate saying you are literate in the basics of everyday fineverfi 3ance.

 We hope in the future to connect you with Everfi’s Ignition program on responsible online stewardship of your own personal brand, Everfi’s  iCivics program and AlcoholEDU-HS.

We are super-excited to make this opportunity available to everfi5 you through the generosity of iberiabank and Everfi’s excellent support network here in southern Louisiana.

To create your own personal Everfi account, please see Ms. Litchfield or Mr. Pate!

For those of you who already have an Ever-Fi account you can click the link to get there.