Grow Dat Trip

1) yup, it was hot

2) we worked hard

3) we learned, about farming, food production and more!

Today we went to Grow Dat  in City Park

It was a short ride from UNO, except Ms. Molnar told the bus driver the wrong place to turn, so we had to turn around and go back to the exit… but we arrived on time. Leo Gorman met us and we got to play a few games, work off some sweat helping to clear weeds from the most recently mowed field, and learned about composting toilets. Yes, you got that right..

They are working on building restrooms that turn – well – you know, into compost!

We also found out that Grow Dat has raised over  $13,000.00  from selling food  grown right there on the farm-all organic, all done with loving care by teens from our community.

Although it was hot- we all survived, and were grateful to get back to the air-conditioned building for a break before the buses took us home again.

Special thanks to Ms. Juni for the ice chest full of cold water-and all our wonderful teachers who joined us.

We are VERY proud of the kids and their hard work.

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