Fall Session Parent/Student Meeting


Fall Parent/Guardian and Student Meeting – Saturday August 26, 2017 – 10:30-12:00


Education Building on UNO’s Campus: We are located on Founder’s Road off of Leon C. Simon Blvd. Directions to Education Building

Meet our staff, find out information about the academic year schedule, how to sign up for our text messaging notifications, our new partnership with Iberia Bank and more.

Call Ms. Laurie at 504-280-1262 if you have any questions.


Remaining Fall Dates for Saturdays

October  29th – extended day until 2:30



  • COMPLETE AND SUBMIT YOUR FAFSA for Federal Financial Aid



EVERYONEBring in most recent report cards – what do you need help in?

NOVEMBER 12th – The ONLY class day in November!

December 3rd  &  December  17th

Science Lab April 9- Dissecting Owl Pellets !

Dissecting Owl Pellets

Dissecting Owl Pellets

Fred James LawrenceZoe JordanCraig Kennedi

Yup, that's a skull !

Yup, that’s a skull !

At our last Saturday session we discovered what some owls like to eat- and figured out HOW MUCH they eat, based on what we found in their digested pellets ! Tiny skulls and bones, lots of tiny bones– were found as we dissected and analyzed what we found.

Stay tuned- much more Science coming this summer!

Saturday Arts Electives

For three Saturdays in March (5, 12, 19) we will have an arts’ elective group for 90 minutes each day. You can choose from the following options- but you can only choose ONE. We will probably repeat these during the summer, and add new ones. All supplies provided- just bring your ideas and creativity- we will help you do the rest-

Custom Graffiti Caps-Create you personal statement by designing and decorating a plain baseball cap into a social, political or fashion statement.

Vision Boards and Scrapbooks- Preserve your memories and create your vision for your future using mixed media and scrapbooking tools, paints, and more.  Bring your photos, or we can try to print them out if they are all on your phone!

Canvas Painting- on a 12×24″ canvas, draw,paint or used mixed media to create your own personal artwork.

Beading and Beadwork- create your own Mardi Gras bead emblem with Mr. Pate


Using Sharpies and your imagination-

Using Sharpies and your imagination-

draw, paint and sculpt on canvas

design and create your own Mardi Gras emblem

design and create your own Mardi Gras emblem

create a mulitmedia vision board for your dreams

create a mulitmedia vision board for your dreams

NEED A REMINDER ? Sign up with us !

Our Upward Bound programs provide regular reminders about upcoming field trips, paperwork deadlines, testing info., and so much more-

SIGN UP FOR Remind – it’s free, secure and easy to use.  Ask your Progam Advisor for information-